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A place every developer needs: to experiment, test, learn and try new things when not at work.

It might be broken from time to time. 🤷 🙋‍♂️

What is this about?

Mostly a blog. Also experiments, games, automation, maybe something else entirely.

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Web Development

After 20+ years developing software, new things and new use cases keep coming. Let's dig in.

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Make your life easy. Improve your workflows with apps and personal automation. Big Karabiner fan.

Game Development

Learning Unity and Game Design. It's a lot of fun and new perspectives of software design.


If you don't see an answer to your question, it means that perhaps we don't have it.

And it's ok. It's not necessary to have an opinion about everything. The world is full of those. Make sure to think carefully before having an opinion.

Start again

Indeed. At least for me. I hope it is also for you as I share experiments and code often. Any suggestions, always welcome, of course.

Not really. But I don't spend it either (beyond my own free time). Vercel is so wonderful that helps a lot for this kind of projects. Give it a try!

Here you go, there are a few of them:

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Automation: Image by vectorjuice on Freepik
Game Development: Image by vectorjuice on Freepik
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While the bird site is alive (let's start the countdown...) you could find me in @ninodafonte. Also (and much better) in Mastodon.